Temporary Works

Wentworth Estate, Virginia Water, UK

Our remit was to create temporary works designs for the removal of walls and installation of steel frames to a two-storey property in the prestigious Wentworth Estate development, Virginia Water.

The goal of the remodelling project was to alter the building’s layout and maximize head height while tackling the challenges posed by the property’s precast planks and beam and block floor construction.

When the site was opened up post demolition, we discovered a key challenge: the floors were found to span onto a number of walls marked for removal, which would increase the load on the steel members to be installed. This discovery meant that a more substantial temporary works solution would be required than first anticipated.

Additionally, because the floors were constructed of block and beam, they weren’t strong enough to support the necessary prop loads. This would create a need for significant temporary pad footings, in turn affecting the construction programme.

Finally, the steel beams needed to be installed as high up as possible to maximize head height at ground floor level.

We reviewed initial scheme options and identified a needling beam system as the best solution for the client. This system would span above the first-floor slab level to achieve maximum head height at ground floor level.

Using steel packers and a spreader beam at the ground floor soffit level, we were able to adjust the prop heads in areas where the ceiling soffit was uneven.

To increase efficiency, we used a standard prop throughout the design and employed our trusted partners Supersteel Ltd to boost installation speed.

We then used the existing rear wall to counterbalance some of the props in place of temporary foundations, which negated both the need to excavate a large temporary footing and to divert an existing drain during construction work.

The efficient solutions we designed meant that the system was installed in just three days and signed off for certification, saving the client time and money while achieving the objective of maximising head height at ground floor level.

In fact, the design system was so effective that it formed the basis of further projects we’ve since carried out at the Wentworth Estate.

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