Working Platforms

Today we are going to talk about working platforms within the construction industry. These platforms are critical in relation to safety and stability for plant machinery.

Working platforms should allow for the re-use of recycled materials and in general are used throughout various stages of construction, which can mean various plant machinery may operate on the working platform throughout the construction cycle. It is important the design is checked to ensure it is appropriate for all the various conditions of use.

Safety is an important factor to be considered when designing and the following items need to be considered:

  1. Weak spots/hard spots.
  2. Steep slopes.
  3. Exclusion zones and edges of working platform.
  4. Maintenance and repair of working platform on ongoing basis.
  5. Planned operators’ experience.

The designer needs to consider the geotechnical parameters which we will discuss in detail in our December 2018 blog, as these will be crucial in determining the working platform material specifications and thickness. In some situations, the platform thickness designed may be of unpracticable thickness.

It is possible to strengthen the working platform properties by using geosynthetics which can lead to reduced thicknesses.

These can be placed within the platform material towards the base or between the sub grade and platform material. With regards to loadings, the designer will require the following information in relation to the plant being used from the plant supplier or contractor on site:

  1. The plant equipment being used.
  2. The maximum ground pressures.
  3. The loaded area of plant equipment.

We here at LSY are experienced in designing working platforms throughout the UK.


We here at LSY Engineering Consultants Ltd are involved in temporary works projects throughout the UK and have worked on numerous projects which have required working platforms. Please feel free to get in touch if you require any advice on working platforms.

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