Various Types of Loft Conversions

As promised in our previous article in April 2019 relating to loft conversions, today we are going to talk about the main types of loft conversions in the London construction market. The four main types are as follows:

  • 1. Mansard
  • 2. Velux (Roof Light)
  • 3. Dormers
  • 4. Hip to Gable


These are generally located to the rear of the property. This type of dormer will have a flat roof while the back wall will slope slightly. This type of dormer can involve more structural work than other dormers and can be more expensive.

Velux (Roof Light)

This conversion does not involved altering or adjusting the existing roof space at all. This type of conversion simply involves adding in new windows. This will be the cheapest of all loft conversion options and is especially effective for higher roofs where head room is not an issue.


This is the most popular type of dormer and involves constructing a vertical wall and then a flat roof is then built to meet the vertical wall. This type of dormer will allow you to gain the maximum internal space in your loft conversion and is suitable for most UK house styles.

Hip to Gable

Hip to gable conversions increase the existing space of properties with hipped roofs. The hip-sided roof is adjusted to flat gable end. These types of conversion are generally constructed to the rear of the property.


We hope you enjoyed this brief insight into the various types of loft conversions on the market within London at present. If you have any ongoing loft conversion projects and require any structural advice please feel free to get in touch with us here at LSY.

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