Structural Surveys

Today we are going to discuss a topic which we here at LSY Engineering Consultants Ltd have considerable experience in which are structural surveys.

Not to be confused with a building survey which are carried out by an RICS Building Surveyor and includes a full inspection of all accessible parts of a property and will covers defects or maintenance issues in detail and will likely provide costings advice on any proposed issues identified in this type of report.

A structural survey is carried out by a Chartered Civil or Structural Engineer. This type of survey will specifically look at the structural integrity of the property in detail.

To give people an idea the below image shows the outlines of the structural elements of a building.

We are providing structural surveys throughout the UK for various clients including:

  1. Housing Associations
  2. Property Funds
  3. Private Investors
  4. Estate Agents

A lot of our clients seek our advice prior to purchase to get structural reports and feasibility advise on any proposed schemes that they may be planning when purchasing a building.

Some of the main items to consider with a structural survey are as follows:

  • Try and get as much desktop information as possible prior to the survey, building control archive information can be fantastic for this.
  • Review the age of the building and how they fail over time.
  • If there are issues noted, consider how they can be returned to a satisfactory condition.
  • Always record the design, construction, defects possible case of defects and remedial works required.
  • Ensure the survey is undertaken in a logical sequence that can be followed by the person/ people/ client looking to purchase the property.
  • Outline any for the investigations which may be required to investigate further any defects noted on site.


We here at LSY are always looking to hear from estate agents, housing associations, private investors and property funds who require structural surveys.

If you would like a little help, feel free to contact us here at LSY Engineering Consultants LtdĀ….

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