Structural Engineering after COVID

This is a topic that has been discussed by many people throughout the last few months in various businesses about what the future working environment will be like.

Here is some of our thoughts on what running a structural engineering practice may be like going forward:


Design team meetings via Microsoft teams has worked quite well for us internally and externally on certain stages of projects. This has saved time and money for our client’s and also internal staff because they don’t need to travel to the office. An element of online meetings will be retained and is being offered in our fee proposals at present.


There may be a combination of home and office working for certain elements of work. Our experience on this has been that experienced staff are more suitable to work from home because they need minimal management over their work. Junior staff, graduate level or people who have only started their career have found it difficult our side because they need to be guided and mentored. A tailored WFH training would be required for this type of new working method going forward.

Speaking to a number of our client’s and suppliers recently some are planning on adopting a hybrid approach while others are planning on reverting back to the office full time once safe to do so.


Networking provides us the chances to meet new people and possible opportunities. We have found it difficult to build up new working relationships via zoom networking events during COVID. Although you can reach a lot more audiences, the truth is face to face meetings are much better and this is what we will revert back too once safe again.


Due to Covid-19 businesses have gained opportunities to work in different ways.

Has your business adopted any new working techniques as a result of COVID?

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