New Build Project – South Kenton, London, UK

As promised in our previous post, this is a new build project LSY Engineering Consultants Ltd was involved in recently as structural engineers. This project based in South Kenton London and was a new build scheme for 2no. new dwellings.

The structural layout of the project consisted of the following:

  1. Steel Frames
  2. Timber Floors
  3. Precast Beam and Block Floors
  4. Strip Footings

The spans had to be designed to accommodate an open layout and planning head height requirements on the ground floor which meant steel beams were required to break the long span of the timber floors.

The project proved challenging from an architectural point of view as outlined by Tom Beswick a London based designer with 10 years of experience within the design world.

LSY Engineering Consultants Ltd’s brief was to work as part of the design team as lead structural engineers on the project providing the following services:

  • Full Structural Design from Tender to Construction
  • Site Supervision during Construction Stage
  • BIM


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