Interview: Student Structural Engineer – Shirley Hung

One of the most enjoyable part of working at LSY is having the exposure to various tasks and the supportive work environment. Alongside getting involved with different projects, some other main objectives of our summer job include helping with company accounting and marketing, building the structural design and BIM library. Every day I got to face new challenges while working for various projects. Despite the workload, we have received a lot of support from the seniors, and this is some experience that I would probably never have if working for large size company.

The most challenging aspect of the job is the amount of time one needs to be dedicated in learning new structural designing software. Due to the lack of online resources, there is no manual for picking up the software basics. Therefore, a lot of patience is required to explore and try to get the fundamentals right. If there was a detailed step-by-step instruction for introducing the software in the industry, much less time would be needed on software exploration.

Industry and University

I feel that there is a certain gap that’s needs to be filled between fresh graduate level and working in real life. University tends to focus on the academic theory of the calculations, while working at a job is more about putting the theory into practice with a practical solution. On one side, it is important to learn all the basic theory for research and future technology improvement. On the other hand, only knowing basic theories is insufficient for graduates to handle real-life cases right away. Therefore, it is important for universities find the right balance between teaching theoretical knowledge and preparing the students for the workplace.

Thoughts on structural engineering & Feeling towards the industry now after starting working

After working at LSY for this summer, I found myself having a strong interest and passion in property/building construction. Structural Engineering is more than just calculations for structural stability. It is a fulfillment of community service that brings satisfaction and sense of security to all of us. While working as a structural engineer, it brings me a sense of achievement as I know I am not only building a house, but actually creating a belonging place for many others during their lifetime.

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