Interview: Student Structural Engineer – Shangchao Zhong

My internship at LSY has proven to be both challenging and captivating. It has been a journey of learning and contributing fresh perspectives to the company. For instance, I was tasked with utilizing Robot, a structural analysis tool, to assess the steel structure in a large residential project. This marked the company’s inaugural foray into such structural analysis, and it was my first encounter with Robot as well. Through this process, I honed my self-learning skills and deepened my understanding of Robot’s capabilities.

The positive and amicable atmosphere at LSY is one of the driving factors behind my enthusiasm and productivity. The team is exceptionally patient and supportive, fostering an environment where mutual assistance thrives. Our company’s culture of innovation is also noteworthy, with everyone actively seeking the latest advancements in civil engineering to enhance the precision and efficiency of our analyses.

  • Industry vs University: Life in academia significantly differs from the professional realm. Academic knowledge often delves into intricate details, some of which might not be practically relevant. In contrast, in the industry, the focus is on pragmatic factors that directly influence project outcomes. However, both environments share the common requirement of a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to continuous self-improvement.
  • Thoughts on structural engineering & Feeling towards the industry now after starting to work: My tenure at LSY has provided me with a profound understanding of structural engineering. The life of a structural engineer is both demanding and fulfilling. When embarking on a new project, you must acquire a plethora of new knowledge specific to that project. Moreover, you need to evaluate and refine methodologies rather than relying on pre-established templates. Witnessing the physical manifestation of your designs, seeing a building stand tall on-site, is an incredibly gratifying experience.

In conclusion, I am immensely grateful to LSY for providing me with an opportunity to cultivate my self-learning skills and deepen my comprehension of structural engineering. This internship has ignited a profound passion within me for structural engineering, reinforcing my interest in pursuing it as a long-term career.

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