Interview: Student Structural Engineer – Marco Yu

My internship at LSY has proven to be transformative. I was entrusted with meaningful hands-on learning opportunities instead of dealing with menial tasks. For instance, I got to work on temporary works for the German Embassy. With guidance from senior engineers, I deepened my understanding of trench and shaft designs, allowing me to develop essential technical and problem-solving skills. The tight-knit company culture promotes effective communication and support among colleagues. The warm and welcoming atmosphere accelerated my process of getting up and running in the fast-paced environment.

  • Industry vs University: Life in the industry is vastly different from life at university. Learning technical knowledge was the focus in university, while applying technical knowledge in the real world is another story. Getting into the industry through summer internships could breach the gap between understanding theories and putting them into practice. The pressure and responsibility in the industry is on another level as a tangible infrastructure will be constructed based on your calculations and engineering judgement. Therefore, there is little room for error. On top of applying your knowledge, communicating with the contractors and clients is also challenging, as you have to meet the client’s expectations whilst delivering a practical solution for the contractor. Therefore, it is vital to join a summer internship as a steppingstone to one’s career.
  • Thoughts on structural engineering & Feeling towards the industry now after starting working: After working at LSY as a summer intern, I was surprised with the complexity of temporary work, as the existing infrastructure gives a lot of restraints. It is crucial to consider every element which may affect your design, so a clear mind and understanding is required. In my opinion, structural engineering is the basis of civil engineering. Every element will require an extent of structural engineering knowledge. By designing minute to robust structures, contributing to urban planning, promoting sustainability, and engaging with the community, structural engineers helps foster a better place to live, work and thrive.

Joining LSY Engineering Consultants was one of the best decisions I have ever made! It was challenging, exciting, and fulfilling.

I had the privilege of being part of an exceptional company, LSY Engineering Consultant, as an intern, and the experience I gained throughout my internship proved to be transformative. One of the most rewarding aspects of my internship was the abundance of hands-on learning opportunities. Rather than being assigned menial tasks, I was entrusted with meaningful projects that allowed me to apply my skills and make a real impact. For instance, I was working on the temporary works for the German Embassy. It allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of trench, shaft designs and developed essential technical and problem-solving skills. The company’s commitment to providing interns with substantial responsibilities was truly commendable.

On top of learning and gaining invaluable knowledge and experience in the technical aspect, I was introduced to such a welcoming and supportive team. From the moment I stepped foot into the company, I was greeted with warmth and inclusivity. The team fostered a culture of support and guidance, making it easy for me to integrate into the organization. My colleagues were not only highly skilled professionals but also mentors who were genuinely invested in my growth. Their unwavering support and willingness to share their knowledge contributed significantly to my professional development.

My internship experience at LSY Engineering Consultants has been nothing short of transformative. It provided me with a solid foundation for my career and has equipped me with invaluable skills and knowledge. From the welcoming and supportive environment to the hands-on learning opportunities and emphasis on collaboration, all aspects of the internship have contributed to my growth and development. I will forever be grateful for such an opportunity and lifelong connections I made. I am confident that the lessons I learnt here at LSY will guide me as I embark on future endeavours.

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