Interview: Graduate Structural Engineer – Jade Griffin

In this month’s article we are going to give an insight into a graduate’s life working with LSY Engineering Consultants Ltd as a structural engineer. This article is presented by Jade Griffin who is a graduate of Cork Institute of Technology.

My first impression was that the role is so diverse and involves undertaking numerous tasks on varying projects. At any one time here at LSY Engineering Consultants Ltd we would have up to 20 projects live on site. My typical tasks for these projects would be structural design calculations including permanent and temporary works, site inspections and site meetings, reviewing drawings, liaising with admin, senior engineers, BIM technicians, the director of the company and liaising with clients.

I was given the opportunity to represent LSY Engineering Consultants Ltd at London Build. This included staying in London for four days and attending the London Build Exhibition. I had the responsibility of explaining our services and answering any queries of attendees and potential clients. This was such a great learning experience both professionally and personally for me with new opportunities arising from the connections I made during the London Build Exhibition.

I joined LSY Engineering Consultants Ltd in June of 2019 as a student engineer on a work placement module from Cork Institute of Technology and worked for the duration of the summer months. I enjoyed every day and I have continued working with LSY Engineering Consultants Ltd since first joining.

The most enjoyable aspect working as a structural engineer is the workflow relationship between clients, architects, engineers, and the back and forth of professional opinions to undertake and complete a good project. When looking at the final physical structure it is very rewarding for me. I also enjoy the meticulous process of structural design calculations.

Transitioning from University to the workplace environment is challenging to say the least. At first, I was quiet and not sure of myself but as the weeks went on, I became familiar with my projects and confident in my ideas. The team at LSY Engineering Consultants Ltd are always encouraging me and getting me involved in ongoing projects.

I enjoy the challenging industry and take the many roles of a structural engineer in my stride. But if I had to choose an aspect of the job that I enjoy the least it would be the reading and drafting of large reports as the work can be quite monotonous compared to the interesting challenge of structural design.

Overall, I find working as a graduate structural engineer entertaining because no two days are the same and every project is a new learning experience.

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