Hotel Refurbishment Project – Victoria, London, UK

This month we are going to discuss one of our recent refurbishment hotel projects in Central London. The project involved the refurbishment works to all floor levels including basement level, chimney and removal of a roof extension.

The client’s requirements on the project joining three properties together which the client, an investment fund, outlined in their original scope document. Our first instruction was to request opening up works to several areas about the building to assess the existing structural arrangements. During our inspection, it was noted that some of the existing structural timber floor joists were in poor condition and would need to be replaced. The structural works on the project involved removing several structural walls and chimneys on the upper levels to link these properties. The scheme also required numerous floors to be infilled and the existing basement to be lowered by 800mm. To attain the client’s requirements in the upper levels, we designed a number of steel box frames which carried the structural walls on the upper floors.

As you can see below, some of the CAD images LSY Engineering Consultants Ltd utilised in the project tender and construction package for the contractor to construct on site. After discussions with the contractor regarding the lowering of the basement and undertaking a number of trial hole investigations on site, it was agreed that traditional underpinning was the best method to proceed with.

You may remember a previous article we did in 2017 regarding underpinning.

The roof extension due to access issues required a light structure for the contractor to install the structural members on site. It was agreed that the majority of the roof extension would be a timber construction with PFC channels utilised as the steel members.

As the project progressed from initial start date to completion on site, LSY Engineering Consultants Ltd was involved in the site supervision and liaising with the contractor throughout the construction process on site. The services LSY Engineering Consultants Ltd provided on this project included:

  • Structural design
  • Construction drawings
  • BIM
  • Steel connection design
  • Underpinning design
  • Site supervision


Thanks for reading. We hope you found the insights into this recent hotel project useful. If you are planning a hotel refurbishment project on your own, please feel free to get in touch with us. We look forward to working with you.

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