From first day student to structural engineer with LSY the process

My experience with LSY Engineering Consultants has truly been an extraordinary one. It all started with the excitement building up to my interview with the company. Stepping into their office for the first time was a revelation. The sight of shelves stacked with structural codes and guides, desks covered in meticulously filled calculation sheets and intricate architectural drawings, and a dozen computer screens humming with sophisticated software applications painted a vivid picture of the precision and expertise that defined LSY’s work environment, and the people around exuded enthusiasm. The leadership and colleagues at the company swiftly introduced me to the office’s equipment, daily procedures, and guidelines. In that moment, it became clear that LSY was where I belonged, a place where I was eager to invest my passion and dedication.

A pivotal conversation with Seán Young, where he shared insights into the company’s future and his vision for engineering, left a lasting impression. I discovered that my primary role at LSY would involve enhancing the Robot Structural Analysis software to expedite calculations and elevate result accuracy.

Before officially diving into my work at LSY, an induction week provided an opportunity to refresh and acquire knowledge on steel, concrete, masonry, and timber. The company’s structured approach allowed us to acclimate to its systems and project protocols.

As I embarked on the development of the Robot Structural Analysis software, I owe immense gratitude to my supportive colleagues—Shirley, Bharvi, Harry, Marco, and Ibrahim. Their guidance was instrumental in my understanding of Robot Structural Analysis, as they taught me to efficiently navigate civil engineering standards and utilize new software tools like Tekla Tedds and Autodesk Revit.

The team consistently provided resources to deepen my understanding of Robot Structural Analysis. In return, I created instructional videos to facilitate training and assisted groupmates in conducting precise project checks using the software.

In addition to my primary responsibilities, I took on temporary works, delving into hoarding design checks as well as researching crash barriers. These experiences revealed the multifaceted considerations involved in temporary work design and added valuable knowledge to my skillset.

At LSY Engineering Consultants, each day brings new challenges and opportunities for growth. I look forward to continuing my journey with this exceptional team, contributing to innovative solutions, and further expanding my horizons in the world of structural engineering.

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