Cantilevered Loading Platforms

In today’s article we are going to discuss cantilevered loading platforms. If you have ever walked past and looked up at buildings in London and noticed what appear to be colorful balconies extended out from the edge of the buildings, these are cantilevered loading platforms. What are cantilevered loading platforms and why are they used?

Loading platforms are used for the following:

  1. Essential for bringing materials into and out of buildings. Without loading platforms, the only areas accessible would be at ground and top level.
  2. They reduce crane usage, downtime on site and reduce construction programmes.

We here at LSY have been involved in the design of temporary works designs for numerous cantilevered loading platforms across the UK. The items mentioned in our temporary works article in 2017 all need to be considered when designing temporary back propping supports for cantilevered loading platforms.…

The platform’s safe working load (SWL) is a critical item with regards to safety on site and should never be exceeded.

The platforms can be either of the following:

  1. Fixed platforms. These are where retractability is not required.
  2. Rolling platforms. These can be withdrawn, flushed to the face of the buildings.


We here at LSY are involved in numerous cantilevered loading platform projects across the UK and further afield. If you’d like to discuss any project requirements Please feel free to get in touch.

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