BIM Services

LSY is equipped to work on construction projects at BIM maturity level 2. We work as part of the fully integrated project team in a shared collaboration environment, as defined in ISO 19650. LSY has successfully completed 3D models across a broad portfolio of projects since 2016. We believe that the best method for delivery of the efficient design is to work in a collaborative building information modelling (BIM environment). Cost savings are made using BIM methodology to evaluate the brief and avoid clashes, reduce the costs of change and ease the management of construction. Successful BIM implementation leads to efficiencies during the whole building life cycle from initial planning, design, construction to operation. The potential savings result from the use of enabling technology, producing share structured information which can be more effectively captured, reused, controlled and validated. BIM adoption and development has been fundamental and continues to be a strategic target as LSY’s business practice. Since 2016, the use of BIM capable software has been the standard for all new projects at LSY.

A BIM model is not just a nice 3D image. It is a data rich file that holds information from the concept idea, through the construction phase and all the way to the end user Facilities Management team. Working in a collaborative environment across all disciplines, construction issues are highlighted at an early stage of design with the ability to see all elements in a 3D environment or utilising a clash detection report within the software. Being able to view the model from an early stage reduces the possibility of errors on site, ultimately saving the client/contractor money and time.

3 D View 2